Hi and welcome to my first blog.

I hope you will keep with me whilst I try to work my way around things.

I am married with two kids and live in Cumbria.

I love geting my sewing machine out and coming up with all sorts of creations usually for the kids for some fancy dress party or the likes. I like crocheting as well and am in the middle of trying to make a large blanket for my daughters bed but am only half way through it. My daughter keeps nagging at me to finish  it.

We are also in the process of moving back to Manchester when the kids finish school so we have sold the house and are renting for six months – which is a whole other story – after living in Cumbria for 5 years in a very rural place its time to go back to normality and return to my roots.

As  you can imagine I mostly live out of boxes, some stuff already being in attics in various family members houses in Manchester, and am still packing up here to take to Manchester on my weekly visits there to see the hubby who is already there.

Life will be so much different and better when we all move back!

We have a lovely pussycat called Jessie who my daughter loves to bit, she is so gentle and lazy all she does is sleep, i’m jealous really. With the move to Manchester we are looking for a temporary home for her until we are settled but daughter is not happy.


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